uTorrent 1.8.1 Build 12495 Beta

µTorrent 1.8.1 Build 12495 Beta es un cliente de Bittorrent con poco consumo de espacio, CPU y memoria. Para muchos el mejor cliente para Windows, recordaros que hace relativamente poco tiempo fue adquirido por el mismísimo BitTorrent.





Lista de Cambios:

— 2008-09-29: Version 1.8.1 beta (build 12495)
– Feature: Remaining column displays bytes left to meet seed goal, when seeding (webui too)
– Fix: crash when deleteing torrent data
– Fix: do not log about moving torrent data if it is already in the correct place
– Fix: do not leave webui password field blank if no change occurred
– Fix: parsing of URLs with username:password@
– Fix: avoid duplicate connections with the same ID
– Fix: a few UPnP log messages
– Fix: crashes on Vista when network was changed (VPN, enabled/disabled, hibernation)

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