Sumatra PDF 0.9.4

Sumatra PDF 0.9.4 es un visualizador de archivos PDF en código abierto, sencillo, rápido y gratuito,  una de las alternativas al lector oficial de Adobe, el Acrobat Reader.




Descargar Gratis|Sumatra PDF 0.9.4

Descargar Gratis|Sumatra PDF Portable 0.9.4

Lista de Cambios en Sumatra PDF 0.9.4

  • improved PDF compatibility (more types of documents can be rendered)
  • added settings dialog (contributed by Simon Bünzli)
  • improvements in handling unicode
  • changed default view from single page to continuous
  • SyncTex improvements (contributed by William Blum)
  • add option to not remember opened files
  • a new icon for documents association (contributed by George Georgiou)
  • lots of bugfixes and UI polish
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