MAME 0.129s

MAME 0.129s  Arcade Machine Emulator (en español sería algo como Emulador de Múltiples Máquinas de Arcade). Cuando se utiliza junto con los archivos de información de un juego (llamados ROMs), MAME reproduce más o menos fielmente dicho juego en un PC.

MAME is strictly a non-profit project. Its main purpose is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines. This is done both for educational purposes and for preservation purposes, in order to prevent many historical games from disappearing forever once the hardware they run on stops working. Of course, in order to preserve the games and demonstrate that the emulated behavior matches the original, you must also be able to actually play the games. This is considered a nice side effect, and is not MAME’s primary focus.

MAME 0.129s  actualmente puede emular más de 1.600 video juegos clásicos de arcade de los ’70s y ’80s.

Las imágenes de los ROMs que MAME utiliza son “volcadas” desde los chips de ROM del circuito original del juego de arcade. MAME se vuelve el “hardware” para los juegos, tomando el lugar de las CPUs originales y sus chips de soporte. Por lo tanto, estos juegos NO son simulaciones, sino los propios juegos originales que aparecían en los arcades.


Descargar|MAME 0.129s

Descarga|MAME-compatible ROM Images

Lista de Cambios:

0.129 MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
– 02644: [Gameplay] tdragon, tdragon1, hachamf: Coin counter doesn’t
         decrease (Angelo Salese)
– 02799: [DIP/Input] mace: No player 2, button 4 available for mapping
         (Phil Bennett)
– 02676: [Color/Palette] All Laserdisc Games: Wrong colors using
         Direct3D on ATI cards. (Aaron Giles)
– 02104: [Crash/Freeze] metlhawk, metlhwkj: Crash while decoding with
         ‘-debug’ trigger (Aaron Giles)
– 02575: [Misc.] taitogn: Not marked as bios in -listxml (Aaron Giles)
– 02779: [Crash/Freeze] sfiii2j: Access Violation with -debug
         (Aaron Giles)
– 02141: [Crash/Freeze] sunaq: At the Title, Game is Crash
         (Aaron Giles)
– 01961: [Crash/Freeze] jdreddp: [debug] Access Violation when loading
         savestate with -autosave and -debug (Aaron Giles)
– 02012: [Crash/Freeze] fatalerror with “symlist” while running game
         (Aaron Giles)
– 02760: [Crash/Freeze] Games using MC6845: Crash with an error on
         startup before OK. (Phil Bennett)
– 02714: [Sound] 3stooges: Speech works for a while, then starts going
         in and out of horrible noise and static (Aaron Giles)
– 02793: [DIP/Input] funkyjet: Unable to locate input port ‘P1′.
         (Phil Bennett)
– 02776: [Crash/Freeze] mwalk, mwalkj, mwalku: Crash when starting
         game (Aaron Giles)
– 02790: [Core] Mame will crash on single monitor system if set to
         numscreens 2 in the *.ini. (Aaron Giles)
– 02791: [Crash/Freeze] cafetime: Access Violation with -debug
         (Phil Bennett)
– 02788: [Misc.] jjack, dorunrun and clones: Immense emulation speed
         drop (smf)
– 02742: [Crash/Freeze] xsleena and clones: Game freezes (Mamesick)
– 02768: [Documentation] mk3, mk3r20, mk3r10, mk3p40, umk3, umk3r10,
         umk3r11 : Roms incorrectly named as umk3 instead of mk3 + two
         versions of U2 SOUND ROM. (Aaron Giles)
– 02773: [Crash/Freeze] all gamecstl.c sets: [debug] Assertion
         (Aaron Giles)
– 02781: [Documentation] mt_mwalk: Change title to “Michael Jackson’s
         Moonwalker (Mega-Tech)” (Aaron Giles)
– 02780: [Crash/Freeze] nss_smw: Integer Overflow with -debug
         (Aaron Giles)
– 02782: [Crash/Freeze] swa: [debug] Access Violation with -debug
         (Aaron Giles)
– 02783: [Crash/Freeze] SMS-Based megatech.c sets: [debug] Access
         Violation with -debug (Aaron Giles)
– 02785: [Crash/Freeze] a51site4: Interger Overflow with -debug
         (Aaron Giles)
– 01092: [Crash/Freeze] debugger crashes when exiting during “run to
         cursor” (robiza)
– 02738: [Documentation] zoar: The rom marked as bad dump is not bad.
         (Aaron Giles)
– 02758: [Compiling] linking ldplayer fails (Aaron Giles)
– 02764: [Crash/Freeze] liberatb: [debug] Access Violation (Atari Ace)
– 02765: [Crash/Freeze] all naomi.c sets: Assertion (Aaron Giles)
– 02771: [Crash/Freeze] all ddragon3.c, shadfrce.c and wwfsstar.c sets:
         [debug] Assertion (Mamesick)
– 02770: [Crash/Freeze] aceattac: Interger Overflow (Aaron Giles)
– 01437: [Sound] hardhead: MAME has the clock frequency of the YM3812
         wrong. (Phil Bennett)
– 02772: [Crash/Freeze] hanayara: [debug] Access Violation
         (Phil Bennett)
– 02186: [Misc.] vliner, vlinero: Typo of manufacturer. (Phil Bennett)
– 02747: [Compiling] Compile error on openSUSE 11.1 / gcc 4.3.2 with
         OPTIMIZE=3 (Aaron Giles)
– 02763: [Crash/Freeze] some leland.c sets: Access Violation
         (Phil Bennett)
– 02766: [Crash/Freeze] topgunnr: Hangs (Phil Bennett)
– 02761: [Crash/Freeze] cntrygrl: [debug] Access Violation
         (Phil Bennett)
– 02762: [Crash/Freeze] galkaika, galkoku, hyouban, mcontest,
         tokimbsj, tokyogal, uchuua: Access Violation (Phil Bennett)

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