Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta .Este navegador web tiene una interfaz sencilla y funcional. Para la mayoría de los usuarios el navegador no es lo más importante en su experiencia en la Red: sólo es una herramienta donde visualizar y ejecutar los sitios, páginas web y las aplicaciones que la conforman. Al igual que la página de inicio de nuestro buscador, Google Chrome es rápido y fácil de utilizar. Su objetivo es que los usuarios obtengan la información que buscan y accedan a los sitios web con la mayor rapidez posible.



  • Busca desde la barra de direcciones
    Escribe en la barra de direcciones y obtén sugerencias para búsquedas y para páginas web.
  • Miniaturas de las páginas más visitadas
    Accede a tus páginas favoritas a gran velocidad desde una pestaña nueva.
  • Navegación privada
    Abre una ventana de incógnito cuando no quieras guardar el historial de navegación.



Lista de Cambios en Google Chrome Beta


  • [r9084] Move certificate verification off the IO thread. (Issue: 3592)
  • [r9095] Sandbox: Update wow helper to support Windows 7.
  • [r9102] Fix memory leak. (Issue: 6535)
  • [r9104] Sandbox: Add support for Windows 7 – 64 bit. (Issue: 4324)
  • [r9105Fix a renderer crash during find-in-page. (Issue: 7250)
  • [r9106] Remember change in Spell Check language by putting it in the list of accept languages when the user changes the language from languages options menu. (Issue: 5829)
  • [r9107] Add a command line flag to load a single extension from an arbitrary (non-versioned) directory. This is designed for developers to iterate on extension development without having to go through the install process.
  • [r9122] The first step towards Turkish spell-checker.  (Issue: 4782)
  • [r9129] RTL: Text in [New Tab] should be truncated from RightToLeft instead of LeftToRight (Issue: 5926)
  • [r9153] The autocomplete popup menu should be independent of the edit field (Issues: 63267372)
  • [r9155] Attempt to fix a crash in case the TabContents gets destroyed somehow. (Issue: 6702)
  • [r9158] Add support for 8 Indian languages. (Issue: 4473)
  • [r9164] Autocomplete popup should not handle the Home and end key messages, they should be left to the text edit to proceed. (Issue: 4874)
  • [r9165] Crash due to how Chromium shuts down the view hierarchy in a window. (Issue: 6260)
  • [r9190] Disk cache: Add a check to make sure that the index table mask is not bigger than the table itself. (Issue: 7217)
  • [r9206] Check for a NULL WebPluginDelegate pointer in WebPluginImpl::TearDownPluginInstance. (Issue: 7405)
  • [r9208] Workaround to prevent occasional crashes when typing in Korean. (Issue: 6971)
  • [r9224] Disable the WanWang protocol handler plugin (npww.dll) as it crashes during shutdown. (Issue: 3953)
  • [r9284] Fix a memory leak on the async resource handler. (Issue: 7374)
  • [r9312] Clean up dns prefetch code, and also port it. (Issues: 56876683)
  • [r9337] Add a command line option –disable-web-security. People can use this option when the same-origin policy interferes with testing their web sites. (Issue: 6449)
  • [r9358] Add a null pointer check for transaction_ in (Issue: 6423)
  • [r9361] Add an exception for a flakey error in DirectoryWatcherTest (Issue: 6051)
  • [r9363] Add ObserverListThreadSafeTest.CrossThreadObserver to skipped tests. (Issue: 7477)
  • [r9365] Fix UMR in skia. (Issue: 7464)
  • [r9367] Also add ObserverListThreadSafeTest.CrossThreadNotifications to ignore list. (Issue: 7477)
  • [r9375] Adds a command line switch to allow the user to specify the location of the disk cache (Issue: 6688)
  • [r9397] Selecting an item in the autocomplete popup would cause a crasher. (Issue: 7435)
  • [r9403] Fix the extension repetition problem with download manager. Enabled the corresponding (disabled) unit test. (Issue: 1503)
  • [r9433] Make aero glass code look more like other nonclient views in hopes of easing refactoring. More cleanup. Change tabstrip layout to match opaque frame. (Issue: 5054)

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